A Little Background of Muay Thai Education

The popularity of Muay Thai must never be underestimated and relatively few people outside of Thailand understand the high esteem in which Muay Thai trainers such as the Kru and Ajarn are held not only in Thailand but also all over the planet. For many people doing the Muay Thai trainer education program is one of the highest achievements to which any person can aspire. It is not an easy course to complete but the program provides the opportunity to gain a lot of knowledge regarding Muay Thai and students have to satisfy the examiners before a certificate as an approved Muay Thai trainer will be issued. One of many accredited trainer organizations is the K.M.A which is in operation throughout the year, and which is able to issue trainer certification which will be valid anywhere in Thailand and also in other parts of the world. Because of the popularity of Muay Thai there are many questionable Muay Thai schools which are operated by poorly trained trainers many of which have themselves been trained by trainers who have questionable qualifications. These types of training courses have to be avoided at all costs because ultimately, they dishonor one of the greatest forms of martial arts known to man.

Basic introduction course

At some Training Schools it is possible to do a basic introduction course which is suitable for Level A, B and C Trainers. Such a training course can be completed in six days starting on Monday and culminating on Saturday. Even some people interested in completing this course must be able to provide proof that they are knowledgeable in Muay Thai or a similar martial arts discipline. They should have at least two years’ experience and this must include fighting experience. During this course people will be introduced to Muay Boran and in particular they will learn about the origins of Muay Thai and furthermore they will learn the techniques which is necessary in order to become proficient in Muay Thai. Students of this course will learn how to train others and especially how to professionally prepare other fighters both mentally and physically before they will be allowed to enter into a ring to compete against other fighters. Students will learn how to conduct a training session. Every such session will include the following activities such as stretching and warm-up as well as a basic understanding of body biomechanics. They also need to be introduced to psychology which will focus on things such as confidence, team building, support, control, discipline and other important Muay Thai procedures.

Duties of the trainer

New trainers also need to be able to educate students regarding important issues such as stepping, standing and very important guarding as well as how to move correctly. Muay Thai fighters at Muaythai-thailand has to understand how to best use their body in particular the feet, knees, elbows and fists. They need to know how to kick and punch when making use of the elbows and knees. Equally important is understanding which areas of the opponent’s body to target. Defense is just as important as offense and students need to know how to evade an attack and how to duck, parry, cover sensitive parts of the body and also how to block kicks and punches which is thrown by the opponent. Trainers also have to know how to best make use of training equipment such as kicking bags and training pads.